Jolly Phonics Training With Certified Trainer Keith Tacey

In 2019 Teacher Keith, a certified Jolly Phonics Trainer, trained over 300 teachers in Vietnam, including more than 200 teachers at Vinschool in Hanoi & HCMC alone. The 300 trainees included corporate trainings for Vinschool, Gateway, & The Viet. Additionally, Teacher Keith opened up trainings at Wordplay for individual teachers and those who wanted to improve their resumes before seeking high-quality teaching jobs.

Keith Tacey has been living and teaching in Vietnam since 2009. He has managed several international schools including a kindergarten and a Montessori school. Keith is trained in Montessori, and he is certified in Secondary Educaition. He currently owns and operates Wordplay English Language Center in Hanoi alongside his wife Huong, where they have more than 225 student students studying EFL, Jolly Phonics, Reading, Writing, Speaking, S.T.E.M., and more!

Keith is passionate about sharing his love of phonics and reading with the teachers, students, and parents of Southeast Asia, and he is working hard to instill the joy of reading that is typically only seen in Western cultures.

If you are looking for thorough Jolly Phonics professional development, then look no further than Teacher Keith.

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